Bug Control Las Vegas

Sometimes it requires stronger chemicals to kill spiders and ants than you can get at a hardware store.

Anyone living in Nevada needs to be conscious of the black widow spiders that are indigenous to the region because some may be deadly to children.

Bed bugs are extremely hard to remove completely, and they take a specific chemical to kill them.

Sometimes home owners will spray multiple times and still have an infestation.

Ants are a big problem in Las Vegas due to all of the sand and heat, but we are skilled in removing ants.

We are able to get rid of your grasshoppers, bees, scorpions, silverfish and more.

Over the counter bug sprays are generally very mild and usually say they handle multiple pests, which is almost always not the case.

We use a chemical gel that is safe for people and pets, but ants carry back to the colony and it kills all the ants.

With our guaranteed service, we will eliminate your pest problems, or we will return for free.

Garages are known homes to various bugs and rodents, due to the big garage door giving them access.

Never let a bed bug problem get out of hand, call us before the problem gets worse.

Most store bought sprays will not fix your bug problem if you already have an infestation.

Compared to our competitors, we are very economical and offer great customer service.

Rodents live in dirty environments, make sure that your home is clean to prevent a rodent problem.

If you notice a problem in your garage with water bugs or spiders, call right away before they get into your home.

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