Bug Control Las Vegas

Updated: 12/19/16 01:48:49 PM

We have professional technicians that are trained and qualified to solve all of your pest problems. Maintaining a clean living environment in your home is important, because many times rats are attracted to dirty living conditions.

Updated: 12/19/16 12:22:59 PM

Anyone living in Nevada needs to be conscious of the black widow spiders that are indigenous to the region because some may be deadly to children.

Updated: 12/19/16 11:07:39 AM

If you have bed bug problems, it is best if you allow the professionals to handle it, otherwise you may risk re-infestation if not completely eradicated.

Updated: 12/19/16 09:29:42 AM

If you have seen any mosquitoes, don't hesitate to call us or you'll be stuck inside to avoid them.

Updated: 12/19/16 08:09:34 AM

When you compare the price of hardware store chemicals versus a pest removal company, you will see we are a more economical choice.

Updated: 12/19/16 06:18:54 AM

Many times people will find bugs in various outdoor areas, such as electrical or water boxes.

Updated: 12/19/16 04:47:56 AM

Small children are often times oblivious to the dangers of bugs and spiders, so they are more likely to be bitten. Rats carry many diseases and can be harmful if they bite you.

Updated: 12/19/16 03:40:56 AM

Due to a larger problem than people are aware of, they generally need to call on our service to eradicate their bug problem.

Updated: 12/19/16 02:08:46 AM

Always bag your garbage and put food away as soon as you're done with it to avoid a problem with mice or rats.

Updated: 12/19/16 12:10:02 AM

Call us immediately if you see a big amount of bugs to avoid a huge infestation.

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